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Journey to the southern end of the Longbeach Peninsula and on scenic Baker Bay, you’ll discover Ilwaco. This historic community was founded in 1848 and was once a thriving trading post for the Chinook Indians. Today, that thriving trade has taken on a whole new meaning with restaurants, seafood markets, and fine dining. Nestling just within the Columbia River bar, Ilwaco is a sheltered fishing community with some of the finest sturgeon and salmon fishing in the country. It’s a community which is changing rapidly. One of its newest attractions is the quaint Harbor Village. Its waterfront location and brand new marina are ideal for both pleasure cruisers and for commercial fishing. Its abundant shops and art galleries are perfect for its countless visitors.


Ilwaco shopping is an easy and convenient experience as large parts of the community are pedestrianized with the added advantage of free parking. The wide choice of outlets ranges from quaint antique and fine art galleries to specialty stores.  Also on Howerton Way is ‘OleBob’s Fish Market’. Family owned, their specialty is fresh and locally caught tuna, salmon, oysters, clams, and crab.

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